I enjoy sharing my travel tips and experiences on other platforms and am grateful to the bloggers and websites that have featured my material!

Blog Post Contributions 

Kami and the Rest of the World – Work and Travel: How Bloggers Do It

My Toronto My World – 33 of the Most Beautiful Places in Canada

The World as I See It – Top Hiking Trails in the United States

Cathy Travelling – 22 Amazing Christmas Holiday Destinations 

Earth’s Attractions – Beautiful Fall Foliage in Europe

Through an Aussie’s Eyes – 20 US National Parks You Must Visit

Varsha’s Travel 360 – One Day in Popular Cities (Lisbon)

Wayfaring With Wagner – 21 Fairy Tale Towns in Germany

Legging It Travel – Amazing Book Discoveries Abroad

Fill My Passport – Best USA Destinations

Between England and Iowa – Worldwide Work Visa Experiences 

Universal Traveller – Best Things to Do in Iceland 

Tiki Touring Kiwi – 10 Epic Day Hikes in Europe

Television of Nomads – Best Things to Do in Iceland

The World as I See It by Lady of the Zoos – European Cats: From Portugal to Greece

That Adventurer – Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

Travel Passionate – A Local’s Guide: Things to Do in London

Albom Adevntures – Travel Bloggers Explore Utah: Home to Five USA National Parks

Travelling Honey Bird – Oops! I Made a Travel Mistake

Take Me to the World – Best Places in Canada

One Modern Couple – More Beautiful Sunset Destinations Revealed

A Brit and a Southerner – Is it Safe to Travel Anywhere in the World Right Now?

Teacake Travels – Journeys from Hell and Heaven

Mismatched Passports – 17 of the Best Road Photos from Around the World

Europe Diaries – Christmas Markets in Europe

Contented Traveller – 16 Things to Do in London

Take Me to the World – Favourite Festivals from Around the World

Traveling Thru History – 7 Must-See Historic Places in Europe

Little Things Travel – Travel Moments 

Blurred Moments – Travel Inspiration Interviews 

eTramping – Travel Selfies

Liebster Award

I have also published on LinkedIn, Huffington Post and other small travel websites. 


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