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Reasons to go:
Cultural ethos: Despite the lack of capital flowing around the place, Icelanders have a fantastic attitude towards life. They’re grateful for what they have, and they use these resources and their great community spirit to create fun. Anyone with materialistic tastes will have a humbling experience, and come away questioning their priorities in life.

Detox: You don’t have to go to one of Iceland’s many geothermal pools and spas to have your mind and body cleansed. Taking a walk in the fresh, desolate landscape will do this for you. In London the stress of other people rubs off on you, but you won’t get that here, instead being transported back to a time when things were more simple and easy-going. It’s the epitome of escapism.

Music: It’s not all about Bjork – Ásgeir Trausti, Of Monsters and Men, and Retro Stefson are just some of Iceland’s products making a big impact on the global music industry. The wise lyrics and feature of Icelandic scenery in music videos make these artists a welcome change from the standards we’re used to today…

Mythology: Icelanders are very proud of their heritage, as is shown by their eagerness to share famous cultural tales and legends . The passion they evoke for their history is heart-warming.

Unique landscape: I wouldn’t call Iceland ‘beautiful’, but ‘stunning’. The ever-evolving wildness of its landscape is enthralling, and you’re left to enjoy it without all the over-commercialised crap that comes with tourism these days.

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