When: July 2012

Where: Hamburg, Bensheim Heidelberg, Stuttgart, the Black Forest, Bodensee, Mainz, Kassel, Cologne

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Reasons to go:
Aesthetics: There is something very pretty and neat about Germany’s landscape. Even the natural parks, forests and river valleys radiate tidiness, to the extent that it feels like you’re looking at an oil painting, where each item of nature has been specifically placed by the artist. Think ‘well-maintained’ rather than ‘wild’, but in a pleasing rather than artificial way.

Architecture & Mythology: The half-timbered houses give Germany’s towns and villages so much charming character, while the many castles will make you feel like you’re in a romantic fairy tale.

Bakeries: If you visit Germany as one who normally avoids bread and cakes, it’s inevitable that the carbs will find you…

Rivers and lakes: Germany is so fluid – just like the rivers that decorate the country connect up to commence a new journey, the culture exudes efficiency, with the people exhibiting a sense of purpose and drive in their life.

Youthful spirit: Whether partying away on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, or catching some rays at Lake Constance, there is something infectious about the sight of guys and girls in their young twenties flirting away over a volleyball game, laughing on their mopeds, or gossiping in a park.


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