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Reasons to go:

Bite: Snakes, leeches, crocodiles, midges – they are scary and a nuisance but it’s this wild side of Australia that makes it so intriguing and exciting.

Bush Legend: Although most inhabitants of Oz live in the urban areas, the legend about the bushman with his horse and swag – helped by films such as ‘The Man from Snowy River’ and ‘Crocodile Dundee’ – makes it one of the most attractive places to imagine making a campfire and sleeping outside under the stars.

Media: It’s hard not to love the show ‘Neighbours’, especially because it spawned the careers of many famous Aussies, including Kylie Minogue and Russell Crowe. The radio station ‘Triple J’ is also the best I’ve ever heard, showcasing home-grown talent alongside rising international stars.

Sport: Australia is a sports-mad nation. Its climate and landscape encourages various types of physical activity and if you don’t fancy participating, it’s one of the best countries in which to watch live sport, whether it’s AFL, cricket, rugby or surfing.

Variety: Aside from the dreamy sandy beaches, Australia is also home to some stunning rolling countryside, snowy peaks, rich agricultural land, and beautiful rainforests.

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